What is a Pole Barn?

Post Frame construction is the efficient combination of poles, trusses, purlins and girts along with a lot of nails, screws and bolts create a solid frame. The poles are secured in the ground with crushed rock or concrete followed by the roof and wall framing.

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How Much Does A Pole Barn Cost?

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What best protects my building & contents?

Pole buildings have common problems with condensation collecting on the ceiling and walls. They are "moisture magnets". While most pole barn companies address moisture on the ceiling with ineffective vapor barriers, rarely addressed is wall moisture. Pacific Pole Buildings and Barns offers several proven product applications for the building's roof and walls, strengthening the overall structure, eliminating moisture in the building, and insulating with aluminum reflective foil, which helps moderate the temperature inside the building.

Outlined below are our roof and wall moisture control and insulation options!

Roof: Low-E ThermaSheet®
Walls: Low-E Class-A White

Pacific Pole Buildings Roof Foil Detail

Custom Kits for Contractors and DIY Customers

You may want to go it on your own or, in most areas, we work with dependable and experienced Pole Building contractors who can serve your building requirements. Pole Buildings are becoming a viable market, and we are always looking for licensed contractors to meet the demand. If you are a contractor or know of one, please give us a call. Typical labor costs are around $10 to $12 per sq. ft. Your contractor will discuss their fees and costs of materials which may include pad preparation, any concrete pad or gravel requirements, footings, pole holes and overhead doors.

While we supply material and ongoing support, a contractor can excavate and prepare the site pad leveling with gravel which is the crucial first step to minimizing construction costs. The contractor provides footings, drills out the post holes, frames up the building, and installs metal or many different roof and wall material styles. They may also do concrete and have licensed electricians and plumbers available where necessary. A specialist should install gutters and overhead doors, one who can warranty the work and make adjustments as needed.

From providing engineered plans to the project's completion, Pacific Pole Buildings and Barns is there to support your building project from start to finish.

How the process works

  1. Estimate - Getting it Right!
    Experienced staff will go over the USE, STYLE and SIZE of your building. This will include a thorough discussion of options.
  2. Engineering - 3 to 4 Weeks
    If you require plans to be submitted for building permits, custom detailed drawings will be provided by Licensed Engineers for your State who will provide Preliminary Drawings for your approval which will be State specific stamped for permits.
  3. Permitting Process - 3 to 4 Weeks
    There are rare occasion your building department may request changes or have questions regarding your building. We are there to assist with any issues.
  4. Ordering - 2 to 3 Weeks
    Your building is a custom kit and materials are special order based on what is called out by the engineer and approved by the building department. Trusses are custom built and some lumber may require special attention.
  5. Delivery - 2 to 3 Weeks
    Materials will begin arriving to the building site ready to build. We will be available to answer any questions through the building process.

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From projects around the home to commercial use, custom pole buildings and barn kits offer great versatility in a durable form. Choose from garages, workshops, arenas, RV storage, or barndominiums - whatever your needs may be!